Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I really need to acknowledge wikipedia and other websites/books that helped me in writing the explanations for the poems. I'm sorry, I'm unable to recall the sites. I never thought of writing a blog explaining poems taught in schools when I taught these poems. The idea occurred much later and that's why I can't pinpoint the sources from where I got the ideas but used the notes I had made for teaching to write the explanations. Unfortunately, in the short notes, I hadn't written down the source of these notes. Finally, though I have used ideas other sources, by and large the language is mine and a lot of ideas are my own. However, the explanation for the following poems were written entirely by me:
  • Of Mothers Among Other Things
  • My Mother at Sixty-six
  • Curtain
I acknowledge that Ode to Autumn is just an edited version of the explanations I found on the net. Most explanations on the net aren't exhaustive and are often very technical. The students in India aren't asked to study these technical details except for similies, metaphor, personifications etc. The whole idea of writing this blog is to help students especially students who have taken Science, Maths or other courses as their mainstream and not English literature. They do not have much time to spend studying English. I have a request to make to students. Since you are getting this free, please read the link given at the bottom of each explanation and try to help orphaned girls.